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automotive vehicle wrap
  • Q. How long does it take to wrap my car?
    A. Usually a full color change vinyl wrap will take us 4-5 days from start to finish.
  • Q. How long does a vinyl wrap last?
    A. Most colors have a 5-7 year outdoor lifespan, some colors will have a shorter lifespan.
  • Q. Will a vinyl wrap damage my vehicle's paint?
    A. As long as the vehicle has clean factory paint that is free of any damage or fading & the vinyl is only on for its intended lifespan, there should be no damage at all to your factory paint.
  • Q. Will a vinyl wrap affect my parking sensors?
    A. No, a wrap should not affect any of your parking sensors or safety systems.
  • Q. What brands of vinyl do you use?
    A. We only use high quality vinyls like 3M, Avery Dennison, KPMF, Oracal & Hexis.
  • Q. How do I care for my wrapped car?
    A. Caring for your wrap is a lot like paint. Hand Washing once a week is the best practice, but auto car washes are acceptable. We also suggest a ceramic coating like our 3M ceramic coating. Aftercare products like Wrap Fresh are also very beneficial to help keep your wrap clean & make sure you get the full lifespan out of it.
  • Q. Can I ceramic coat a wrap?
    A. Absolutely! Ceramic coatings will provide your wrap all of the same benefits that it provides for paint like ease of cleaning, UV protection & swirl resistance.
  • Q. Is there a warranty?
    A. Yes! We offer a one year limited warranty on all of our installs.
  • Q. Can you make custom stripes?
    A. Yes! All of our stripes are made custom on your car by hand using 3M Knifeless Tape so we can do any color & stripe design.
  • Q. Where can I look at colors?
    A. We have sample books for all the brands that we use here at the shop. The best place to look at colors online is
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